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A note from the Holler Hausfrau...

Holy Whizbang Chicken Plucker Batman! It's flippin fall! How did that happen? Maybe the time warp came from watching too many Rural War Room videos?

The best plans of mice have been thwarted by our band of cats: Hell Kitty, Nigel, Stripe, Kibbles and Frenchie (because Frenchie is so damn aloof)

Strawbale Workshop still underconstruction. Roof insulation - FINISHED. Car port - STARTED. But has the gas line been dug and the heat in place - NO! Sad very sad. It's almost Halloween, so maybe the good ditch witch will arrive before then so that we actually do get heat in the shop.

Doc's late night radio show is a hit with the male teenagers around town. The local newspaper said it was a One hour psychedlic show Saturday Nights from 10pm - 12am. Talk about time warp.

Hausfrau frets about the lack of garden goodness from the cool air this summer. From 85 tomato plants all but 12 tomatoes turned red.

The main photo was taken in August in Southampton, England where the Pilgrims and the Titanic set sail. I have no idea what kind of plant that is, but I can't help but think of Alice in Wonderland when I look at it. We took a wee trip across the pond...a fascinating experience!

Upcoming Projects...

Finish first what we've started!

Leaving the Big City
A journey on selling out and leaving for the backwood super unknown.

Tales from the Holler
Some have called this a "homegrown reality show".

Trash d'Art
Kind of like Trash to Treasure but it's not.

Sanity Savers
Simple things that saved my mental well being moving from the big city to the boonies.

Gallerie d'Holler
Grab some wine and cheese, be sure to put on your hippest black overalls!


Watch Byron Werner on Little Rock, Arkansas news:

Oh it's true after almost 2 decades of talking about building with strawbales, we have finally done it! With a little help from our friends it's almost done. View the photobucket album.

NOW IN Gallerie d'Holler
John Shourt shares his own special vision of the new world around him.

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