b y r o n werner

Byron Werner has been making unusual original art since the early 70s. His style is uniquely his own. Using gift wrapping paper and various hole punches and scissors he creates a psychedelic folk art paper mosaic, blazing with bright contrasting colors and jumbled textures. His surfaces are alive, kinetic and interactive with reflective elements and curious details. Photography does not do them full justice.

This is strictly a folk art, hands on approach as computers are NOT used in his projects. The meticulous detail gives evidence to the long hours of careful assembly.

Byron, left Los Angeles for a simpler life in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is available for commissions and commercial projects. Some of these prints are for sale, some have been sold for inquires email Byron.

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Rural War Room

RURAL WAR ROOM is a duo: Byron Werner and Donavan Suitt. Listed alone (in upper case) this name refers to the world's first cyber band, in that we record online with members in other countries.

This name has franchised into a radio show, broadcasting rare, lost vinyl records and imports from international artists and a record label to distribute lost recordings and unusual artists who would otherwise never have music distribution. Also, the words "records" and "recordings" are interchangeable. Most releases are on CD only. Keep reading...

Just found on YouTube: Rural War Room has videos!! - (WARNING-not for those who want happy fluffy things - actually there are some happy fluffy things nut you've got to find them. And also not for those who may have taken too much earlier in the day) View and enjoy.


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