t r e e arts

Tree Arts is a recovering Californian in the far northern reaches of Connecticut. The Holler HausFrau has been friends with Tree Arts since the 6th Grade in Mrs. Topel's class where we both shunned in solidarity the "steal the boys combs and hide them in the girls bathroom" game. She lives with her husband, Mr. TreeArts, Lily (her dog) and her trusty digital camera.

Though photos are digital, no extra digital enhancements have touched these photos.


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John Shourt

Byron Werner

Let's Be Natural

Rooted in Rock ©2006
Detailed View Available

Into the Woods ©2006
Detailed View Available

Hot Pink Rhodies ©2006
Detailed View Available

May Rhodi ©2006
Detailed View Available

Close Up Rhodi ©2006
Detailed View Available

War of the Worlds ©2006
Detailed View Available

Caterpillopolis ©2006
Detailed View Available

Indigo Bunting ©2006
Detailed View Available

Everything is everything naturally
Yeah, people cry, laugh and sing naturally
Let's be natural
ever since the world began

The Rutles
(seriously it was Neil Innes)

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