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our driveway

Leaving the Big City
A journey on selling out and leaving for the backwood super unknown.

Trash d'Art
Kind of like Trash to Treasure but it's not. See what we were able to do with tires and trash. What you can find on sale. Home improvement on the cheap. Visit a local farmer's "Tourist attraction" and view some of his sculptures made with love from trash!

Sanity Savers
Simple things that saved my mental well being moving from the big city to the boonies. This section is all about: stuff, cleaning tips, recipes, and for the girls only...home made spa fun.

Gallerie d'Holler
Grab your own wine and cheese



Taking Back my Country...
Ghosts in the Machine
Peeping at Procrastination
King of Caulk
Ode to Charlie the Donkey
...Conspiracy of the CDC
The Law Offices of...
A Sneak Peak Behind..
The F Files

Well Well Well



This book was on my reading list way back in High School, back then I chose to read the cliff notes about an hour before my test. However, when I moved I found my collection of my High School summer reading books upon packing for the move and I humbly decided...Well, it's been 20 years, maybe I should actually read them.

So as fate would have it, I chose to read Sinclair Lewis' Main Street on the plane to WV. And of course what is it about? A city woman who moves to a small rural town. A must read...really a classic. Funny how my old english teacher could have been so right!

Taking Back my Country...

...Conspiracy of the CDC


When I first moved out to the holler, I kept intouch with my family and friends by sending them email newsletters about my experiences and subsequent revelations. I've decided to have a selection here.

Looking back on the newsletters, it's been and has continued to be an amazing journey. To some of you reading these newsletters, one can only scratch their head when faced with the naiveté of this big city woman. I am constistently blown away by the volumes I've learned and how many challenges I've overcome living out here.







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