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Well, Well, Well, now that’s a deep subject

You may or may not know that the only utility bill we pay is for electricity though it would be nice not to have to pay for that either. We simply haven’t decided on whether to generate power from our creeks, put wind turbines on the hills, use solar or a stationery bicycle which would actually prove beneficial to my thighs and other unsightly problem areas I seem to accrue in great wealth every year. In any case we are very lucky, we have no heating bills as we have our own natural gas, and no water bills because we have our very own well.

I’m not up on the technology that brings us the water. I know that there is a pump and a bladder, and the water filters itself through the hills. When we had our well water tested, it was at the time chlorine, mercury & lead free but chock full o’ good nutrients, and basically fed by an artesian spring. I once told a girlfriend of my mine who was more than apprehensive about my decision to move from California to a holler, that I may just bottle my water and sell it to high end specialty stores in LA, Chicago and New York. I’m thinking it could be called h2Oller. Tag line would go something like: When you’re Haut, hanker for the holler. Then all I would need is for some Hollywood HooHah to be drinkin’ it on the red carpet…hmmm, Billy Bob Thorton… Faith Hill….Jamie Foxx ...good god, you can take the girl out of LA but you can’t take the LA out of the girl.

Some have said that the downside to having certain utilities for “free”, is that if something goes wrong or acts up, you can’t just call the gas or water company. I suppose I’m lucky to have the utility company called: Doc. It’s just like having a real utility company, if I alert him to an issue in the middle of the night, I have to wait until morning somewhere between 7am and 5pm. But it doesn’t matter, because I don’t have to pay him and that’s even better.

During the holidays, my girlfriend of 34 years (since the tender age of 3) came with her husband and new little bundle of joy (Maya, my Papaya) to join in on the Seay family festivities. It was a lovely time, and eased my homesickness. On the Sunday night before they were to leave, the 26th, Doc who is eternally on the internet, mentioned the Tsunami. Nothing really registered, it didn’t seem real, but what did seem real was that our water pressure was a little off.

The next morning, our house guests left and I decided it was a perfect day for a comforting hot bath. So, I ran the water, what had once been crystal clear clean running water was now, a murky brown. Water pressure still not at an optimum but I just considered that we had a house full of people and our well had to refill. So after a few days, everything was back to normal. I didn’t think about it much after that except when Doc sent me an article:

The well near Christiansburg, Va., which started oscillating about an hour after the magnitude 9 quake near Sumatra, Indonesia. on Dec. 26, is particularly sensitive to movements in the Earth and is monitored by the U.S. Geological Survey. David Nelms, a groundwater specialist with the USGS in Richmond, saw the changes from his computer. "It just shot up and then it went down below where it originally was," Nelms told the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper for Saturday's editions, adding it took about five hours for the water to stop fluctuating.

While West Virginia was once Western Virginia, and we are a probably a good 200 miles away if not more from Christianburg, I have to wonder if somewhere deep under our property is a fault line that connects with that area in Virginia.
Last week, while reaching for that trusty glass of h2O (or should I say h2Oller) I noticed that the water was cloudy and the pressure was a little off. At that same instant, on our XM radio there was a report, Indonesia had another large earthquake, I went to the bath and ran the water, what had been crystal clear running water was now murky brown. Everything is back to normal but I’m just wondering is there a connection? Could there be a connection? Once is a coincidence when observing all of the various factors, but twice? I see no co-inky-dink, I see something else…when I ever find time to finish the research, I’ll let you know, but well, it’s a deep subject.


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