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Tales from the Holler
Some have called this a "homegrown reality show". George Harrison once said: "The further one travels the less one really knows." It is very apparent to me I know nothing.

Trash d'Art
Kind of like Trash to Treasure but it's not. See what we were able to do with tires and trash. What you can find on sale. Home improvement on the cheap. Visit a local farmer's "Tourist attraction" and view some of his sculptures made with love from trash!

Sanity Savers
Simple things that saved my mental well being moving from the big city to the boonies. This section is all about: stuff, cleaning tips, recipes, and for the girls only...home made spa fun.

Gallerie d'Holler
Grab your own wine and cheese, cause wine and cheese are good for the soul.



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  • You scream, I scream we all scream at McMansions
  • The crane and the box




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