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Leaving Los Angeles

Being incredibly frugal and what ended up being exhaustive research on moving companies, we decided that spending over 8k to haul all of our earthly possessions across the country was a little too much. Especially when the moving companies can charge you 150% more than what they originally quoted once they arrive on your property. So with a little ingenuity, we managed to haul everything for 1/2 the cost and end up with a wonderful storage container!

Through the help of some aquaintances we were able to purchase a cargo container and found a truck driver to cart our container to WV for about $2600.00. We had to hire a crane service in LA and in WV in order to get the container on and off the truck bed. This cost us in total about $800.

Here's the best part, we own the cargo container. This means that there was no time limit to unload everthing, it's water tight so anything that's still in there (and there is A LOT OF stuff still in there) is perfectly fine. The Buzz around here is to turn the cargo container into a wood kiln or knock a few holes and make it into a guest house. Who knows...

One word of advice regarding truck drivers:

Depending on where you move to, there are two types of truck drivers (there could be more but I'm no truck driving genius) Ridge Runners and Straight Run. If you decide to haul out of the flatlands and into the mountains...make absolute sure, the truck driver you hire is capable of driving curvy mountain country roads!!!!

Coming soon: The R. Torres Memorial Turn...or...Bobby Darin sings...Jack the Knife!

Our fearless leader realizes, he hasn't made a very good first impression on the neighbors.

Popular economics (from 2003)

The cost of renting a 26-foot U- Haul moving truck for a one-way trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is US$1,080. The same move in the opposite direction costs only US$133.

To economist Brian Wesbury, the difference in cost is an accurate snapshot of the economic climate in California: People are moving out of the state as opportunity diminishes and few want to move into a slumping economy.

A one-way U-Haul move from Los Angeles to Phoenix costs US$837 while the return costs US$116. San Francisco to Boise: US$2,024. Return trip: US$310.

CALIFORNIA EXODUS: The cost of renting a 26 ft. U-Haul truck one way:

Los Angeles to Las Vegas: US$1,080

Las Vegas to Los Angeles: US$133

Los Angeles to Phoenix: US$837

Phoenix to Los Angeles: US$116

Los Angeles to Denver: US$1,908

Denver to Los Angeles: US$498

San Francisco to Boise: US$2,024

Boise to San Francisco: US$310

Chicago to Detroit : US$419

Detroit to Chicago: US$449

Source: Griffin, Kubik, Stephens & Thompson Inc.

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