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Leaving LA
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Leaving LA
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Shopping Fun:
Hidden Treasures
Mainly Seconds
Saugus Swapmeet
Rose Bowl

Food and Drink:
Trader Joes
The Taqueria on Desoto & Roscoe
King Taco
Sushi Inn
Duke of Bourbon and it's staff
Crow's Place
The Inn of the 7th Ray
The Money Tree
Timmy Nolans
Los Toros
El Coyote
Toh Rung
Mr. Damianos Pizza
Canters, Solleys, Arts Deli, Greenblats (oh how I miss a good Jewish deli)
Vallarta Supermarket spice section
Jon's international food section
Thai Lee Supermarket curry and cutlery sections

Items not easily found in WV

  • Decent Movie Theatres with movies that play only in select cities...will have to wait for An Inconvient Truth to come out on DVD.
  • How I miss the California Wines at a good price!
  • Tahini
  • Falafel mix
  • Real Thai canned curry
  • Golanga Root
  • Harissa
  • Real Kosher Pickles (mmmmm pickles)
  • Homemade Tortillas
  • Kikomon Miso Soup packets...mmmm Miso
  • Good brie cheese


  • I squealed quite loudly when I found FRESH mozzerlla in water at the local Wally World.
  • An incredible assortment of exotic olives in Clarksburg, WV! (Honestly, I cried with tears of joy, the shopkeeper behind the counter thought I was insane)
  • Decent Sushi...about an hour away.

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