Baking Soda is Your Friend

I have recently discovered the 8th wonder of the world: Baking Soda. It's so gall dang versatile, it makes my head spin. Here's a few things I do with the old Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (aside from exfoliating and bathing with it)

  • Gross kitchen towels will smell a lot better if you soak them in 1/2 cup of baking soda and water for about an hour before you put them in the wash.
  • Clean your bath tub and sink with the magic powder instead of harsh cleansers. Takes a little elbow grease but it's worth it for the environment (and septic tank, if you're on a septic tank)
  • Slow drains? pour some baking soda in the drain, then just like that old science project, pour some vinegar on top of it and it will clear your drain and save the whales. Well it probably won't save the whales, but I'm sure it'll be saving something.
  • Out of dishwasher detergent? Fill the detergent dish 1/2 full then drop 1-2 drops of dishwashing soap on top of it. You can now run the dishwasher without having to make a mad dash to the store.

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Baking Soda is your Friend
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