Giggling Grown Women Series

When it comes to hangin' out with the girls errr I mean women, we are certainly not at our mature best. And that's a good thing. These drinks are usually made while the "boys" err I mean men are off tending to the BBQ or talking tools. This is when we turn up the music bump and grind in the kitchen and cackle as if over a cauldron.

Giggling Grown Women outside by
an evening fire in the Summer

1 bottle of champagne
1/2 bottle of ginger ale
1 large scoop of rainbow sherbert
Pour into pitcher, let rainbow sherbert melt a bit. Serve with orange and lemon rings in glass

Giggling Grown Women in the Bathroom
I have no idea why women gather in bathrooms. But somehow at my home we do. It's where we tell our secrets, fears, and laugh at ourselves.

2 parts lemon lime soda
1 part orange Vodka
1 splash grenadine

Giggling Grown Women in the Kitchen

1 part vodka
1 splash vermouth
1 splash olive juice
Shaken not stirred with ice
3 olives
2 pearl onions

Yeah, I know it's a dirty Vodka Martini, but believe me when I say, it's a conversation starter!


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