This is the best all natural bathtub cleaner I have come across. And it smells so happy too!

Get yourself a fresh lemon and cut in half, sprinkle some baking soda onto the lemon (the fruit part not the peel) and in a circular motion, start cleaning! This worked so well, that there was a grease shortage in the house...elbow grease that is. (yar...roll eyes now...okay groan too).

WORD OF CAUTION: It would be wise to wear gloves. Though it's not toxic and can be used as an exfoloiant and lightener for the hands, if you have any cuts it will sting like a yo mouth.


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NEWLY DISCOVERED! Love your Lemons!
Baking Soda is your Friend
Vinegar...smells bad, cleans great!
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Leaving the Big City
A journey on selling out and leaving for the backwood super unknown.

Tales from the Holler

Some have called this a "homegrown reality show".

Gallerie d'Holler
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