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Satellite Radio

If you decide to leave the big city, the most important accessory for mental well being is satellite radio. It doesn't matter which one you choose, I have XM and love their channel options. There are a few reasons why satellite radio is important:

1. You will rarely get good reception for your tuner, no matter how big your antennae is. (This is when size really does matter).
2. While our classic rock station in our new neighborhood, really kicks a** over the LA classic rock stations cause they play a lot of obscure Pink Floyd and Traffic they also play wayyyy to much Lynrd Skynrd and bad 80s hair bands for my taste.
3. You will not find any new music except Nickelback and well, there's only so much Nickelback I can take. And you will not find any old "indie" hits, you will find lots and lots of country. And country is fine if that's your thing. It's not my thing. Unless it's old country, complete with yodeling. I like old yodeling country.
4. The wide assortment on satellite radio is impressive. I can't tell you how many nights we've had home made mexican food while listening to Aguila 92 with it's tejano and mariachi music. (Makes us feel like we're back in LA) and then we can switch to unsigned and hear all the bands that, well, there's a reason why some of them are unsigned.

Satellite TV

Okay maybe if you move out to the country you'll decide that you don't want TV in your life. Well, I would like to do without but sometimes it's the only way I can take a mental break.- Nothin' like a mind numbing E True Hollywood Story or classic VH1 music videos (Hey they weren't classic in my day).

More than likely when you move out to the boonies, you'll find that, an old TV atennae on your roof doesn't bring in the channels. So you'll have to go satellite cause cable doesn't seem to exist in the far reaches of rural living. And though your satellite provider may claim that you'll get local channels, you won't. You'll end up with a feed from Los Angeles and New York (depending on where you are of course). On occassions I will watch the news channels in LA. (My favorite is Paul "Pumpkin Head" Moyers - cause it's family tradition to yell simultaneously (HEY! IT'S PUMPKIN HEAD!)

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