Skin Spritz

You will need small sprayer bottles. The skin spritzes are great for the hot summer months. Basically think of it as making tea but instead of drinking it, but it in a spray bottle, and spritz your face. (Oh, Ladies, if you're coming upon the age of change...put your spray bottles in the fridge...nothin' says relief like crisp cool sprizin' during those pesky flashes!)

Green Tea Spritz
The antioxidants in Green Tea are widely known. So why not put some of that green tea in a spray bottle and let the skin soak some up too.

Chamomile Spritz:
This is great for when your skin is bright red from the heat. Cools you right down.

Chamomile & Aloe Spritz
I'm not going to say that this is a cure all for sunburn. BUT, this is something I came up with last year when I had forgotten to put on sunscreen and worked in the garden for several hours.

  • Cut an aloe leaf, peel the outer skin to get to aloe gel.
  • Scrape gel out into a blender
  • Add 1 cup of chamomile tea to gel in blender
  • Blend until mixed thoroughly
  • Place mixture into spray bottle. And let cool in fridge.
  • Spray as needed.


Curling Spritzer
Homespun Hair Fixers

Quick exfoliant
Steam is good
Ritual Bathing
Skin Spritz

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