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The Amazing Tilia

So I can actually "can" a mean green bean and jellies in my late mother-in-law's canning pot that she gave me right before her passing (see story in Tales from the Holler: Taking back my country by Canning BUSH beans ). Now, canning the old fashioned way is fun, but I'm still a wee bit nervous about it. So far we haven't died from botulism, but sometimes I'm just more wary of my canning skills than others. That's when we discovered another 8th wonder of the world...THE TILIA. This thing really sucks. And sucks quite well I might add.

We use the Tilia Pro package (see company description below)

This top-of-the-line machine has a wide range of features, yet as simple to use as pushing a button. The FoodSaver Professional III, upgraded with new advanced features such as the under the lid hose storage and the easy to clean antibacterial drip tray, is the best home vacuum packaging system on the market today. One-Touch operation vacuums and seals automatically. Choose from five settings for the desired sealing time. You can also stop the vacuum process at any time to control the amount of air being removed which allows you to vacuum package delicate foods. It???s the FoodSaver the real kitchen pros use. Vacuums, seals and shuts off automatically.

Last summer we grew over 40 tomato plants, why? Cause we love tomatoes and we could. All of those plants produced over 25 gallons of our homemade spaghetti sauce which we then placed in Tilia bags vaccum sealed them, threw them in the freezer and stored up enough sauce for almost 50 meals. Last week we used our final bag. Got us through winter, was completely pesticide free and we saved mucho dinero. EVERYONE should have a Tilia.


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