Holla Tomatah Capris

This traditional Mediterreanean dish (caprese) is always a crowd pleaser in our holla. I can never seem to make enough. The hardest part of this recipe is finding the buffalo mozzerella cheese in water which i am only able to find at an Italian deli in Clarksburg, WV. (About 45 minutes away)

  • Slice up fresh ripe tomatoes place on a large serving tray.
  • Thinly slice the mozzerella and place a slice on each tomato
  • Lightly drizzle extra light virgin olive oil over tomatoes and cheese
  • Place fresh basil leaf on top of each slice of cheese
  • You can very lightly sprinkle salt and pepper if you want.

Please note: The best way to make this is grow your own tomatoes and basil, if you don't have that option, find the BEST ripe tomatoes you can




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