Americans throw away more than 250 million steel belted tires a year.



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Gargoyles & Tires: Part 1

Aside from accidentally unearthing trash piles (Check out Talking Trash) around our property, we find tires. Lots and lots of tires. Tires in the morning, tires in the evening, tires at supper time, summer time, spring time...any time. We'd go on a hike and we'd find a tire resting peacefully against an old oak. How that tire got way up a steep hill past a few creeks, I don't know, but I do have a feeling that teenagers had something to do with it. Blast those teenagers!

It was obvious we needed to figure out a solution to clean this place up. Many moons ago, we had toyed with the idea of building a tire home or earthship. Actually found out that there were grants to receive tires for free from dumps and build a sustainable home. But the exhaustive research at this point proved pointless, because I just had to have that quaint 150 year old farmhouse in the country. Anyway back to the tires.

We scouted many areas of our property and gathered the tires. We have no ATV so it was the two of us rolling the tires sometimes a mile to it's final destination, our garden.

Instead of hauling these relics to the dump, where we'd have to pay $3 bucks each just to dump them, it was decided that we would reuse them on our property. Recalling our past studies on the tire houses, we opted to do a Fischer Price version- stack 'em like the old colorful donut game and create a pillar. NEXT>>>

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Ooooo, pretty Argyle sock from pit of trash.

Ceremonously place the argyle sock in the first tire. This is where we got the idea to use the trash pit as filler for the tire pillar.

it's starting to look like something.

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