Americans throw away more than 250 million steel belted tires a year.



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Gargoyles & Tires: Part 2

Figure I should start from the beginning of the process now that we got the argyle sock thing out of the way.

  1. Find a big pole and sink into ground. We were lucky that the corner of our garden already had a large pole sunk into the ground.
  2. Like the Fischer Price toy, you want the tires to conform to size, larger to smaller or if your lucky make sure they're all one size.
  3. Level out the ground around the pole, so the tire fits nice and level.
  4. It will take two people to lift the tired up and over the pole.
  5. Dig up some earth and ram it into the tire especially the inner walls for stablity. Each tire takes a lot of dirt. This is when we discovered the argyle sock and decided to take our filler from the trash pit we found in the garden.
  6. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step. One that we failed to do on the first two tires. CUT OUT THE SIDE WALLS OF THE TIRE WITH A SAWZALL. This one very important step allows you to really cram the tire with a LOT of filler and make it nice and strong.
  7. When you find your tires, they may still have rims in them. If you have on hand the tool you need to take the rim out use it. We didn't know how to take them out so we used the Sawzall to cut around it.

Out in the holler, you use whatever works.

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Our catahoula, Louie helps digging some earth for us to fill the tire with.

Sink a pole in the ground. You and a buddy can then lift the tire up and over the pole.

Here Dr. Yeti cuts out the walls of the tire. This is the third tire on the pole the first two we did not do properly but we were lazy and didn't want to redo it.

Taking out the rim by cutting around it with the most handy tool ever..the Sawzall.


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