Americans throw away more than 250 million steel belted tires a year.



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Gargoyles & Tires: Part 3

    Okay so now we've got momentum and we're really rockin' on the pillar.
  1. You'll be filling up many many wheel barrow loads of filler. Just remind yourself that it's all worth it when you can't bear to do anymore.
  2. We noticed that because we didn't cut out the side walls from the bottom two tires hence those tires weren't filled properly it started to lean a bit.
  3. We always know there's a plan B, C, D etc... Later we will place a footer after adding some pole supports (poles we found lying around the property)
  4. Keep stacking, remember to really tamp in the filler.
  5. Next stop...making the pillar pretty.


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The Holler Hausfrau digs up the trash pit. for tire filler.

The pillar is gettin' tall, we just shove more non-biodegradable plastic into the tire.

Shovin remenants of the side walls into the tire for more filler.

Plastic shopping bags are entombed in the pillar.

All stacked up.


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