Americans throw away more than 250 million steel belted tires a year.



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Gargoyles & Tires: Part 4

You didn't honestly think that we would allow a big pile of old tires be the final design for our garden corner pillar? Good. Now let's get to it.

  1. We really had to shore up the pillar using old metal poles and what not to steady the pillar (due to how we did the first two tires).
  2. Wrap pillar with chicken wire. (Any kind of fencing wire can be used. Find anything, if it's rusty who cares, you're not going to see it when your done anyway.
  3. More wire and metal pole scraps were used to add texture so that the concrete would actually stick.
  4. When you have completely covered the tire pillar with lots and lots of texture for the concrete to stick to, then it's time to mix some up.
  5. Doc used a mixture of concrete mix and Portland cement.
  6. Mix your cement so that it has the consistency of goopy gravy. That way you can sling it into the crevices created by all that metal wire you added.
  7. When your concrete is set up, you may want to cut off the top of your pole or not. We did, cause we had a crazy idea.

The total cost of this pillar was approximately $35. Strictly the cost of the cement. Everything we used prior to cement was old crappy trash we found around our property. Just remember you don't need to live on a big piece of land to find reusable material, get to know construction workers, they are always throwing perfectly good materials away.

Many apologies that the concrete steps were not photographed.

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Doc brings in the reinforcements.

Extra care was taken to fix a mistake that we were too lazy to redo so we didn't have to fix anything.

Doc wraps chicken wire around the tire.

Doc's securing more wire.


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